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black01.jpg Common Name: Black Lemur

Toxonomy: Mammalia Primata Lemuridae . Eulemur macaco

Identification: The Black Lemur is a very small lemur about the size of a small domestic cat. They have long bushy tails and a short pointy muzzle, not unlike a fox. As you may be able to tell from the name the males lemur's are completely black, while the females range from red to a golden brown. The Malagasy call them Ankomba or sometimes Komba.

Environment: The only place that these lemurs can be found is on the northern tip of Madagascar. They can also be located on the two small islands Nosy Komba and Nosy Be, which are of the coast of Madagascar. They live their life in trees as is the custom of most lemurs. A recent study has shown that the lemurs live in 4 distinct areas on the island: primary rain forest, secondary forest, timber plantations and food crop plantations.

Diet: These lemurs are very similar to the other species in that they mostly feed on fruit and leaves. Although the abundance of their food does very from time to time.

Behavior: No large studies have catalogued much information on the behavior of the Black Lemur, so information is small. What is known is that they live in groups ranging from 2 to 15 individuals and are a mix of male and female.

Reproduction: The Black Lemur's are mostly seasonal breeders. After a female is impregnated it takes approximately 120 to 129 days for birth to take place. The offspring is usually only one, but twins are not that uncommon.

Conservation: As is the case with other species of lemur, the Black is on the endangered species list, as a direct result of the continued deforestation of Madagascar's tropical rain-forests. Studies have shown that these lemurs numbers are on a steady decline, although there are many efforts to save them, such as studies of captive lemurs, and wildlife preserves. They are protected under national law.

[black01.jpg]..Shown Above
[black02.jpg]..Clinging to Branch
[black04.jpg]..Male Startled
[black05.jpg]..Female Looking Down
[black06.jpg]..Female Creeping
[black07.jpg]..Male Resting

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