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[Relatives Page]..[10.17.99 -- 3:08 CST]
The updates are spreading out, but I did update a few times between without a message on the main page. First off I had some little button things to the links, I don't know if I mentioned that yet. I also uploaded two new Lemur species pages, and have one more to upload. I have a bunch more pages to write up about, then I will launch the page. It's looking good so far. I am also thinking of having a spec sheet for each lemur, with height, weight, and other similar stats. Not sure about it yet.

[Relatives Page]..[09.21.99 -- 12:13 CST]
Again a long time since my last update. This time I finished the relatives page and I am still debating on whether to sort it or not. Now the only thing left to do is to start writing about more lemurs. I have a bunch to do, seeing as how I only have 2 done. I so have a head start though as I already have the pages and the taxonomy. On top of that I added those little link things on the right side of the page. Those little diamonds spice up the page a bit. Well starting soon I am going to be starting from the top down on the species page, wish me luck.

[Mostly Done]..[09.06.99 -- 2:00 CST]
Wow it's been a long time since I have worked on this site. I have been busy with other projects but now I have finally gotten those out of the way and can now focus on a few other things i've wanted to do. The first on that list is this site. So far I have finished typing up the Black Lemur page, and have also gotten templates up for all other species. All that is listed on those is the Common Name and Taxonomy. I also need to spellcheck the Black Lemur page. I think I still need to do the Relatives section, although I think I did finish it up before. If I havn't I will do it. Once that's done I am going to finish up with all the specific lemur pages, and then release the site to the public. Till then.

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