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What is a Lemur?
Your may be asking yourself, What is a Lemur? Well the Webster's definition is -

   "Any of numerous arboreal chiefly nocturnal mammals
   that were formerly widespread but are now largely
   confined to Madagascar, are related to the monkeys
   but are usually regarding as constituting a distinct
   superfamily (Lemuroidea), and ususally have a muzzle
   like a fox, large eyes, very soft fully woolly fur,
   and a long furry tail." - Webster's Dictionary

In any case your probably still shaking your head. So i'll try to explain that definition in lamens terms, and I will also describe it to you a little more in depth. Lemur's are primates that mostly spend their time out and about during the night. They can now only be found on the island of Madagascar, and other secluded points around the world. They look like a small hybrid of a racoon, and a monkey, and most of them spend their days in the trees. As a result they have long tails which enable them to swing from trees and generally use thier tail as a fifth leg. There are many species of lemur, each one both similar and different in their own respect. If your still interested in knowing more about lemurs then the following pages on my site will, more than likely, tell you everything you need to know about them, and more. If your still looking for something, it will probably be here soon, or you should be able to find it in our Link archive. Enjoy.

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